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PX 미디어 라이브러리

심플한 미디어 관리

PX Media Library is a time-saving, meta-solution for media professionals to tag, edit, manage, organize and share media files. This open system is easily adaptable to industry-specific workflows.

Fresh, intuitive user interfaces and customizable, easily configured workflows keep you ahead of the competition by staying organized in today’s media crowded world. All media can automatically be filed according to your pre-configured design. PX ML streamlines media management and allows you to take advantage of proven solutions for sports applications, content providers, broadcasters, film festivals, scientific institutes and government organizations.

Managing large amounts of media makes it difficult to find what you need when you need it. PX Media Library contains a sophisticated search engine which allows to find content immediately with features like fuzzy search, full-text retrieval even in closed documents, auto completion of search requests, thesaurus support, picture similarity and phonetic search. PX Media Library manages video, audio, graphic and data files through an easy to use web browser user interface. This allows fast and location independent access to media files, anytime, anywhere.

With PX Media Library video content can be annotated and tagged fully or semi-automated to significantly reduce tagging time. Annotations are timecode related and allow content description and commenting on a video anywhere, at any time during the process. The integrated media player allows single frames or scenes to be extracted from a video clip to share with others or distribute to external systems. The built-in Smart Media Player allows media content preview, basic editing features such as manual annotation with automated thumbnail generation, editing related metadata, import content and use export features like “Export Public Download Link.”

PX Media Library is the ideal platform to create Customized User Applications (CUA). It offers a script based workflow management for Automated Content Processing (ACP) and a Customized User Interface (CUI) template for individual solutions. We make it easy to design and realize individual solutions at an affordable price.




  • Video Management for Broadcast Services (TV)
  • Video Stock Footage Management for Film Festivals
  • Media Stock Footage Management and Distribution for Charity Organizations
  • Sports Media Library and Media Merchandising
  • Scientific Media Content Management for institutes
  • Marketing department support for large enterprises
  • Evaluation of educational training videos for universities

제품 주요특징

  • One platform for all media content – saves costs and learning time
  • Find your media files fast and easy – reduce search efforts significantly
  • Built in Smart Media Player for tagging, editing and extracting images and scenes
  • Versatile, format agnostic ingest and import with automated preview generation – no need to buy and install codecs for each format
  • Browser based user interface – works platform independent with Apple and Microsoft OS
  • Highly customizable with Workflow Management via ACP "Automated Content Processing" Script and "Customized User Interface" (CUI) template for individual solutions