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IPTV 및 방송 모니터링

IPTV 스트림 품질을 위한 모니터, 로그 및 분석

VITEC’s IPTV and Broadcast Monitoring Solution enables enterprise IT and broadcast professionals to seamlessly deploy a reliable, cost-effective system for detecting audio and video errors that impact local and remote users. Visual alerts, detailed reports and statistics provided by VITEC’s system ensures quick detection of IPTV service interruption and quality issues while improving user’s experience and increasing usability and viewer satisfaction.

The IPTV and Broadcast Monitoring System delivers real-time audio and video monitoring, logging and QA capabilities. With a powerful multi-window mosaic viewer, large numbers of audio and video feeds can be continuously monitored for errors, failures and interruptions. Visual graphs on an intuitive dashboard display the current and past 24 hour statistics instantly.

Consisting of a variety of advanced modules, the IPTV and Broadcast Monitoring Solution allows enterprise and IPTV broadcasters to tailor the system to their needs, from sports arenas and military command centers to the broadcasting Master Control Room (MCR). The feature-rich multi-channel monitoring display can be pulled up from any laptop or desktop on the LAN or projected on a big screen at the NOC. Users can change mosaic views so that each user gets a personalized layout.




  • Monitor, Log and Analyze IPTV Streams for Quality and Compliance
  • Flexible Stream Monitoring Analysis and QA
  • Broadcast Monitoring solution for MCR (Master Control Rooms)
  • Actionable Analytics, Logs and Reports
  • Supports both IP streams and Baseband video sources

제품 주요특징

  • Flexible architecture: Monitors a combination of on-air MPEG compressed as well as Baseband uncompressed feeds
  • All-in-one monitoring solution: Single system for all monitoring needs
  • Manageability: Easy to deploy IP based solution, with client-server architecture
  • Powerful analytics: Real-time dashboard and reports for quality and service problems
  • Multi format playout and display: Supports a variety of audio and video formats
  • Scalable adaptability: Modular design enables unlimited monitoring capacity
  • Recording and playback capabilities: Stored video streams are always available for future reference and comparison
  • Flexible foot-print installation: Install on dedicated hardware or in a virtual machine environment