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ISR 비디오를 위한 완벽한 통합 전술 IPTV 시스템

FITIS is an integrated full motion video (FMV) solution for capturing, processing, archiving, indexing, managing and disseminating tactical ISR video and metadata. The system is designed for optimal distribution of IP video across LAN’s and WAN’s and in any network configuration. FITIS provides efficient playback, sorting and retrieval of vital video assets, effectively exploiting live and recorded video assets to create actionable, real-time intelligence.

FITIS supports propagation of scenario-specific video imagery in a variety of formats and bandwidth constraints from high-definition ISR footage for analysts to ultra-compressed streams for transmission to tactical units at the edge.

Users can annotate video content in real-time by inserting free text, searchable notes for frame-accurate tagging and retrieval. Automatically generated geospatial and time-based information and user are logged and indexed for fast retrieval by both local and remote users. FITIS integrates with network storage devices, so video assets can be integrated in workflow processes. User-selected mosaic views of 1, 4, 9 or 16 video feeds and metadata can be displayed on-screen without altering the original video. FITIS is fully integrated with professional-class video decoders, encoders and streaming platforms from the flexible, robust MGW series.




  • Recording, indexing and distribution of STANAG compatible streams
  • Real-time actionable FMV intelligence for situational awareness command decisions
  • Historical operations archives to support decision making process
  • After-action review tool for training and lessons-learned analysis

제품 주요특징

  • Secure IP-based access to real-time situational awareness video
  • Enhanced processing, indexing, exploitation and dissemination of motion imagery
  • Rapid, easy integration with deployed FMV and IT equipment. Virtual-Machine ready
  • Secure, reliable and scalable to meet exacting military requirements
  • Support for multiple encoding formats and SD and HD video streams, MISB-Compliant
  • Continuous, reliable and cost-effective Recording and archiving of FMV streams with metadata