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Ocaster IPTV Reflector

멀티캐스트 및 유니캐스트를 위한 풀 모션 비디오 HD/SD 스트림 리플렉터

Military-grade Ocaster IPTV Reflector bridges enterprise LANs by converting multicast video traffic to unicast and vice versa to enable accurate, network-efficient transmission of IP streams over WANs.  It is ideal for transmitting full motion video (FMV) between LANs across WANs—even those that use low-bandwidth network connection links and have restricted multicast capabilities.

Ocaster IPTV Reflector intercepts, reflects and redistributes real-time IP traffic with ultra-low delay and without any interruption in service. All critical geo-location and telemetry Cursor on Target (CoT) and key length value (KLV) metadata are fully retained. Once multicast traffic is repackaged as unicast MPEG streams, it can be encrypted or transmitted via VPN to ensure secure transmission. At the destination, the video may be broadcast as unicast or repackaged as multicast by another Ocaster IPTV Reflector for playback by PC players and IP set-top boxes.

Ocaster IPTV Reflector uses industry standard MPEG protocols for playback on MPEG-compliant devices and is fully interoperable with MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC / H.265 SD and HD IPTV encoders. An advanced traffic shaping algorithm ensures quality of service (QoS) reflecting video payload on any network while maintaining consistent bandwidth utilization.




  • Bridging LAN sites over non-multicast WAN connections
  • Distribution of multicast streams to multiple unicast recipients
  • Dissemination of FMV content with metadata to remote users
  • Conversion of incoming unicast sources to multicast for efficient distribution to LAN users
  • Bridging physical networks via reflection between distinct network adaptors

제품 주요특징

  • Now supports HEVC / H.265
  • High density MPEG reflection of up to 50 streams in a 1RU device
  • Bidirectional processing of multicast to unicast and unicast to multicast
  • Ultralow latency of less than 20 milliseconds per service
  • Supports AES encrypted streams
  • Real-time SAP detection and announcement generation
  • Web-based management interface for remote configuration
  • Transmits video quickly and efficiently in real time
  • Overcomes WAN bandwidth and capacity limitations
  • Compatible with existing encryption systems and VPNs to ensure data security
  • Enables sharing of secure content with designated users through private unicast streams
  • Compatible with EZ TV Enterprise IPTV System, FITIS and 3rd party MPEG-2/4 encoders