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Monisys MC

미디어 캡쳐 솔루션

Monisys MC-Series is a simple to use solution for capturing and encoding up to four channels of SD or HD content at high quality. Monisys MC-200, based on the Vitec VMC-7440 HD capture board, captures SD/HD-SDI content and encodes it at user-selectable H.264 bit rates optimized for AVCHD or AVCIntra workflows. For XDCAM/XDCAM EX environments, Monisys MC-100 encodes to MPEG-2 formats.

Monisys MC-Series records content live from cameras and from on air and performs batch digitization directly from VTR. It integrates native metadata, supports addition of time-based metadata and creation of individual metadata fields, and enables metadata to be added during live recording manually or using preset buttons.

Monisys Capture Suite 3.0, Monisys MC-Series’ integrated user interface, controls capture (with preview) and provides metadata tag setup and logging during capture. Captured files, including integrated metadata, may be transferred seamlessly to an optional Proxsys PX-Media Server for management, archiving and distribution.




  • Training
  • Medical or counseling sessions
  • Legal enforcement

제품 주요특징

  • Simultaneously captures up to 4 channels (one channel per card)
  • Customizable encoding bit rates
  • Scheduled recording options
  • Integrated upload to Proxsys MAM with touch screen application support
  • Optimized user interface for ingest management
  • Multichannel HD/SD flexibility
  • High speed encoding for live ingest Standard file formats
  • High quality hardware-based compression